What is the difference between the traditional LED Display screen and Transparent LED Display Screen?

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With the continuous development of the market economy in recent years , high-rise buildings are everywhere in the city, transparent LED screen display has been widely used in urban glass curtain wall , architectural aesthetics and many other areas in order to improve the outlook of the landscape or architectures. Many customers are unfamiliar with the term transparent LED display. 

So what are the differences between the transparent LED display and a traditional LED display?

 transparent LED display

High permeability, no impact on indoor lighting performance and  other indoor cool display

It is well known that traditional display screens are opaque and can affect building lighting. The transparent LED screen adopts the self-developed side light-emitting display technology, and the light bar is almost invisible to the naked eye from the front. In this way, it greatly improves the permeability, supports the machine patch, and higher productivity .


Light in weight , Cost effective without steel structure

The traditional display screen is 30kg per square meter. When the screen area is too large, it is a big challenge to the steel structure to hold the main screen or the original building structure. The LED transparent screen can be installed vertically and independently without glass. If it is installed behind the glass curtain wall, it can be directly attached to the curtain wall steel structure.


Can be customized in different shapes

Traditional display screens are limited by the structure of the cabinet. When combining or joining the cabinet together, it is easily to see the disadvantages and faults especially the joint area. Transparent LED screen displays come in many different and exciting forms. There are screen displays that are flat, curved, round, cylindrical, etc. Basically, your imagination is your limit.


Clear LED screen sizes and shapes are customizable to match your space and display needs.

Its design flexibility allows you to create promotional or advertising contents that you have in mind without being confined to traditional digital display limitations when it comes to its shape.

D. Outdoor screen applications, But indoor installation, outdoor viewing

 transparent LED display

The traditional displays install indoors, but will block sunlight and eyesight.However, transparent LED screens has provide a solution  for outdoor screen applications. It will be installed indoor and viewed outdoor without worrying about the waterproof or UV issues.  It is very reliable and products performance is very stable.


Advantage of Our Transparent LED Display


High Transparency

From 60% to 90% transparency rate could,keep the internal natural lighting and viewing.


Light Weight

Only 10mm thickness of pcb board and 12kg/sqm light weight make easy to install transparent led screen in small space.



Vision Led Pro can make the transparent led display into various shapes like cuboid, cylinder, etc. to meet special requirements.


Easy Maintenance

Require replacement of single modules without taking entire led panel-all in one design, easy to do front and back maintenance.


High brightness

High brightness of up to 6500nits ensures perfect visual performance for indoor & outdoor transparent led display.


Smart Control

Take control of your transparent led screens with Wifi, APP, and Cloud controlling management.


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