The Futures of Transparent LED Display Screen

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Transparent LED display, also known as LED glass screen, is mainly used for architectural glass curtain wall. It is used to display high-definition screens. It is characterized by high transparency and ultra-light weight. The traditional LED display is installed on the exterior wall of the building which completely block the outdoor light. The weight of the screen main body tests the safety of the building itself, and also it may affect the appearance of the building. The transparent LED display integrating with the building from the appearance, does not affect the original style and the lighting of the building. Being ultralight and ultra-thin has gained a great advantage with regards to traditional media field.


Along with the proliferation of outdoor advertising LED displays, it has caused series of negative issues, including the image of the city. When the LED display is working, it indeed brighten the city and release information. However, when it is "resting", it seems to be a "scar" of the city, which is incompatible with the surrounding environment and causes  negative effects on the beauty of the city.

 transparent LED display

Due to the emergence of these problems, the approval of outdoor large-screen installations has become more and more cumbersome, and the management of outdoor advertisements has become more stringent.


The transparent LED display not only integrates all the advantages of a conventional outdoor HD LED display, but also minimizes the bad effects on urban aesthetics. Because it is installed behind a glass curtain wall indoors,and does not affect the surrounding environment even when it is not working during the day. At the same time, it adopts a new form of indoor advertising outdoor communication, it has circumvented the approval of outdoor advertising.

 transparent LED display

With the acceleration of the pace of urbanization, the glass curtain wall, which is made of a high-end building materials, has gradually become popular. The transparent LED display is characterized by its ultra light, no steel frame structure, easy installation and maintenance, good permeability and so on. The curtain wall can be described as a hit with the latest transparent LED display screen, due to it is a show case of fashion, beauty, modernity and technology, adding a special beauty to the urban architecture. Therefore, the transparent LED glass screen has won unanimous recognition in the market and has attracted extensive attentions and enthusiasm. In the contemporary era of LED display development, the market demand for transparent LED display is also increasing, and has been rapidly developed, and will have great vitality in the future.


As transparent LED displays are more and more recognized by customers, the demand will increase rapidly. This will certainly encourage the production of mid-stream enterprises to find ways to reduce production costs. When the cost of the transparent screen is down to little difference with the traditional LED display, coupled with the incomparable advantages of the transparent screen, we believe that the transparent display will have a broader market prospect.

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