Conference LED Display vs Projectors

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A conference room is one of the most important places in an organization. It is a place where ideas are birthed, shared and discussed with other stakeholders and shareholders of the company.


Meetings and important presentations are also held in the conference rooms too. With these presentations or meetings there is always a need to project either slides or images (whatever might be the case of the presentations) to those present in the meeting.


This is where conference Led displays comes in, unlike the typical projector which is a norm when it comes to displaying things in a meeting or conference room situation,Led displays are a way better option.


A typical projector not only reduces the quality of the images being generated but it also requires the room in which it is to be used to have zero to minimal lighting., a condition which isn’t always available.


However, the conference Led display doesn’t require those conditions to give you a crisp, clear resolution. The display usually comes in a variety of sizes to offer viewers a clearer image.


You should take note that the size of the room in which the display is to be installed must be taken into consideration when choosing the size of the led display screen.

conference Led display

One can say that not only does the led display give your conference room a modernized touch but it also does a better job and beats the typical projector hands down.


Below are a few features of the conference led display that makes it a better choice than the regular projector

● Lesser noise

Unlike the projector with its fan which is usually a form of distraction during a meeting , the Led displays on the other hand are quiet and noise free.


● Image quality and video resolution

Images generated by the typical projectors are usually blurry and of low resolution and are usually unappealing to the eye.


The led  display on the other hand produces crisp, clear images of high quality and resolution which are very appealing to the eye.


● A better colour quality

In comparison to a projector, the led display produces a better colour quality. Coloured presentations such as pie charts or bar charts or an animated advert looks even better im colors.


● A wider viewing angle

A notable disadvantage of a projector is its narrow viewing angle. This is taken care of by this kind of display as it has a wider viewing angle. This means that everyone in the conference gets a clear view of the screen regardless of where they are seated.

 conference Led display

● No lighting restriction

Unlike the projector which  needs the room to be in darkness or near darkness before the projected image can be viewed, the conference Led display  doesn’t have such restrictions.


The conference led display on the other hand can be used in any other lighting condition and that makes it very versatile and easier to use in comparison to the projector.


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