How To Set Up Rental Led Display Screen

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To set up a rental led display, the location where it should be placed such as roof, facade, building, and street, private or shared area alongside the required permit are considered. Likewise, the safety of the people should not be left without proper consideration.


Also, high quality led display screens are needed which affects the method of installation as these varies based on the location. Some methods of installation include wall hanging, step, column, front maintenance, hoisting and embedded.


During the setup of a rental led display, the screen should be carefully unpacked, handled.  It should be properly fixed, wired and provided with a steady supply of power.


Although proper handling and wiring of rental led display screens will help prevent their damage and aid their effectiveness, it is advisable to source for them from a renowned manufacturer. Hence, the investor is sure of investing in products of good quality.


For the led screen to be unpacked, it is being handled with utmost care so as to prevent any form of damage.


Modules in the led display cabinet that permits display are not to be pulled so as to prevent any disruption in their function. Also, the led around the side of the display screen are to be carefully handled to prevent any form of damage to the modules responsible for the display when being removed from the pack for set up.


The set up of the rental led display requires that each of the modules are arranged closely to each other in order to allow for the proper functioning of both the vertical and horizontal sections of the device.  


Wiring is set up in a zigzag manner between the cabinets from those on the left side of the base. Modules are linked to ports put in place for the inflow and outflow of data.

 rental led display

The brightness and color of the screen is controlled using the calibration settings. Powering is made possible by the connectors incorporated in the screen.


For led screens that are to be attached to the wall, front maintenance screens designed for this purpose are installed. Steel supports are embedded into the walls for front maintenance screens.


For large rental led screen that serve on interactive bill boards, a high quality led rental display is installed and the method of installation will differ depending on their location.


For screens that are to be suspended, the led display is installed by erecting it on a structure without a support. This makes proper viewing effective regardless of the distance.


For display screens that are to be installed using the step method, high density led display with full color is installed.

 rental led display

Such screens can be viewed with ease within a three meter distance away from the point of installation as regards the effectiveness of the screen. A strikingly stunning effect is produced when all the steps are properly connected.   

For led rental screens installed with the column method, no walls are put in place to serve as supporting structure.

Instead metal structures are put in place for the erection of rental led screens that are installed on express ways using pillars.  


The maintenance of this rental screens is made possible as accessories are easily replaced. The screen of the rental led display can be opened for repair operations.


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