Everything You Need To Know About Outdoor Transparent LED Video Display

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Outdoor transparent LED video display is one of the most powerful digital signage formats on the market today.

They are extremely effective at displaying text, images, and videos to large audiences, and they don’t require any physical space.

Many of the world’s largest retail and corporate buildings have outdoor transparent LED video displays as signage, and they’re starting to appear in public spaces as well.

This article will introduce some basic knowledge about this product: What are its advantages and disadvantages? And what application types are there?

outdoor transparent LED video displays

Brief Introduction to Outdoor Transparent LED video display

Outdoor transparent LED video display is an outdoor LED display, which is made of a digital light-emitting diode (LED) as its light source.

As the name suggests, it has a transparent screen that allows people to see through the screen. This kind of LED display can play videos on both sides since there are two layers of LED panels that form a sandwich structure.

Advantages of Outdoor Transparent LED video display

When compared to a traditional display, an outdoor transparent LED video display has many advantages:

· High brightness

· High contrast ratio

· High resolution

· High color gamut

· Long lifetime, low power consumption, and low maintenance cost.

· It's better than an ordinary outdoor LED video display.

Disadvantages of Outdoor Transparent LED video display

· Installation requires technical skill

· It’s expensive to install a transparent LED display.

· It requires consistent maintenance

· You need a professional maintenance team to keep your outdoor transparent LED display working properly, otherwise, it could fail at any time.

Outdoor Transparent LED video display

Application Types of Outdoor Transparent LED display

Outdoor transparent LED displays are widely used in many application scenarios, including:

· Outdoors advertisement boards, such as electronic billboard and street signs.

· Publicity, such as the information displayed at train stations or shopping malls.

· In transportation, for example, passengers can see which floor and elevator are on.

· In sports and entertainment venues, for example, indoor stadium LED screens with high resolution can display game score details and players' names timely.

· It is used in the media industry for broadcast television programs with large-scale high-resolution LCD screens (e.g., sports events).

· Shopping centers may use a video wall composed of multiple smaller screens instead of one large screen.

It allows them to change their message more often than if they had only one larger screen where all messages would have been displayed simultaneously.

Advantages of outdoor transparent LED video display over ordinary LED displays

· Convenient installation.

· Excellent weather resistance performance;

· Low maintenance cost;

· Long lifespan (more than 50000hours).

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