Fixed LED Display Screen Suppliers make Advertising a lot easier

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In today's digital world, the public is saturated with so much information that to keep attracting their attention, commercial brands have to continually search for new innovative and effective media. And new opportunities have been found with fixed LED display screens.


A fixed image is no longer enough, but now to attract the consumer, videos are paramount.  These electronic platforms allow the reproduction of moving images, which achieves a greater visual impact on the public.


In outdoor advertising, time and location are paramount.  In a very short time you must capture the attention of passers-by, and if you have a visible and highly frequented space, the success is greater. Advertising led screens have become a great revenue generator for businesses after internet ads.

Owing to these, the fixed LED display screen suppliers have increased on their innovative input to provide what is needed for a sustainable and more efficient advertising across the various levels of business.

 fixed LED display screen

Some of the advantages of led screens is that they can be running throughout the day and allow multiple advertisements to be integrated. As they are controlled by remote control, it can be programmed, in addition to monitoring the on or off hours, and settings such as contrast or brightness. They are resistant to rain and wind. Thanks to the low consumption of LED technology, they are durable over time and more respectful with the environment.


These giant led screens are flexible and adaptable to any size and shape, hence there are even curved, cylindrical or oval screens. Regardless of size, they achieve a greater impact than other digital platforms due to their brightness quality and wide color palette. In addition, they are visible, even if they receive direct sunlight.


All this makes them a format for outdoor advertising that guarantees a massive diffusion, thanks to which advertising companies increase their income, their visibility and stand out from the competition.


Other features and applications of the LED display screens

LED flexibility

Another of its advantages is scalability, that is, the possibility of mounting screens of the size that is necessary with a standard rental material and without having to buy additional material. Also, the possibility of creating custom shapes, thanks to its modular panels that allow you to create different shapes and that can even be put in motion to show the content, both on several separate screens and joined to form a large video surface.

Great light capacity

Without a doubt, one of the great advantages of LED screens is their adaptation to the environment, whether indoors or outdoors.


Fixed LED display screen suppliers affirm the need to have LED screens when we are in an outdoor location during daylight hours. During this period, we cannot obscure the work area, and natural light can work against us if we use other types of audiovisual solutions.

In the same way, in a closed space such as a theater or an auditorium, LED screens are also a good audiovisual solution, since the lighting equipment in the room would probably influence the correct display of the content shown on the projection screen. . In this way, we ensure that attendees have good visibility.


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