Transparent LED Display Screen for shopping center windows

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The LED screen seeks to attract attention, offer an attractive image that invites potential customers to stand in and imagine themselves with the products they see. The main idea of this innovative marketing strategy is to attract the public while providing the expected return on your business.

Shoppers not only end up in front of the display screen but they make their way into your store where the sales take place.

Every owner of a store or franchise located in a shopping center knows how important their shop window is and the vast majority would like to have more meters of shop window to increase their sales.

The bad thing is that this is coupled with a higher rent. We know that the products displayed in the shop windows are the first to be sold, and that when a shop window is well designed or decorated, it is a perfect sales tool.


The transparent LED display screen can be perfectly adapted to the characteristics of your shop window or premises. Hence, you don’t have to spend more on rent or do more work. This implies an increased efficiency for your sales.


What does a transparent LED display screen offer to a store in a shopping center? These are some of the advantages:

Transparent LED Display Screen

The led display screen draws the attention of visitors to the center and a specific store. The LED lights attract customer attention the most even from many meters away.

Attracts towards the shop window. Since a transparent LED screen projects images and messages, the user does not see only a light, but a quality moving image, showing the products and brands that are sold in the store. This also appear in the shop window.

Sell ​​through images. The customer, already in front of the shop window, sees and enjoys the images projected on the led screen, combined with the products in the shop window.

With such images and the possibilities about the product, the customer is convinced about what he really wants. They are ready to buy even before the walk into your store.

Bring the customer into the store. Through a beautiful showcase and the images projected on the transparent led screen, we ensure that the client does not resist entering to see and touch the product they have enjoyed in images.

Get repeat sales. By letting in the light from outside, the transparency of the led screens generates a very positive shopping experience in the customer's mind, which encourages them to repeat the visit to your store on future.

And each time they return to the shopping center, you can be sure of a sustained increase in sales and being able to lengthen the customer life cycle.

If you would like to sell more and attract more customers to the front of the window of your store or shopping center franchise, then, the transparent LED display screen is the perfect solution.

We provide you with everything the transparent led screen can offer to your business. Contact us today.


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