Fixed or Rental LED display Screen: For what type of project do you need the screen?

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The Outdoor LED screens are a sophisticated, state-of-the-art multimedia system that broadcasts multimedia content that is used to advertise information and advertising for companies, businesses and shops. Where you can expose it outdoors, fighting rain and high temperatures.

There are 2 types of support on LED screens. The support or structure of fixed installation and the non-permanent or Rental LED display screen installations with relative ease of assembly and disassembly.

LED screen

Let’s take a look at these two installations thus;

Fixed Installation:

It is a LED screen that requires a front maintenance cabinet or directly a structure, but once installed, it will only require maintenance of its electronics.

In these installations they use the fixed number Pitch which could be any of these parameters P2.5, P3, P4, P5 and more.

The sizes are NOT in closed meters such as 2m x 2m is close to 1920mm x 1920mm. This is due to the size of its modules.

Now, let’s talk about the rental or mobile installation.

Rental LED display screen Mobile installation:

This LED screen uses special cabinets that allow frequent assembly and disassembly and additionally comes in protective boxes for handling and transport.

They generally come with IP65 protection that allows them to be installed outdoors in a regular scenario of exposure to the elements.

This LED screen is the one that uses the Pitch with decimals because the spaces between the LED bulbs are modified to make modules of exact stipulated and standard length.

Related to this point, the rental display screen has a specific length designed to consequently allow exact measurements on the screens.

More about the outdoor LED display screens


They are extremely resistant to any weather condition and are controlled through user-friendly software.

- Outdoor led screens are manufactured by modules of different sizes depending on the resolution, thus being able to compose each screen according to the client's needs.


- They are generally placed on a structure, ceiling, and wall or in architectural projects.

- You can view an infinity of image and video formats (jpg, avi, mpeg…) from different sources such as Computer, Mobile.

- They are designed for great visibility.

- Promote your business or company with dynamic and attractive advertising.

- With automatic brightness control to optimize display.

Tips when choosing the Rental LED display screen

When choosing a rental Led screen, it is very important to know the pitch. This term refers to the distance from one led to another adjacent led, that is, the space between led and led. This space is usually measured in millimeters. The pitch is taken as a reference to know from what distance each LED screen can be seen well. And likewise, get an idea of the screen resolution.

A smaller pitch means a sharper image. Since it has a greater number of LEDs, the distance to see the screen properly will be less. On the other hand, a high pitch has less resolution and needs more distance to be able to be seen optimally.



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