How to Choose the Right LED Display for Your Church

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While making plans on how to select the best display type for your church auditorium, a couple of factors need to be carefully considered.


These factors such as the projection distance, content type, etc. A very good suggestion on what to do by experts is to carefully research the technology which is apt for your church.


This implies that you have to partner with a reliable and trusted church LED display manufacturer for support and professional advice.  Five major factors to consider when choosing a LED display for your church are given below:


1. The content of the display

Have you ever considered what type of content you intend to display on the screen? Generally, many do not give careful thought to this when the choice of the pixel pitch is to be made but this is very important to look into.


For example, you are interested in investing a huge amount in a LED display and decided to go for a large size of 10mx4m display screen with a pixel pitch of 3mm. The display looks great in the test running but each time your video switcher uploads content on it, it looks blurred. What could be responsible for this?

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The simple reason is that you have gone beyond the domain of true HD towards 4K quality, but your video switcher has not undergone the same upgrade.


If a 720pixel signal is sent to a display screen of over 2k resolution power, you may have to upgrade the content to aptly fit into the screen, so that each pixel won’t be utilized to its highest capacity.


2. The environment of the display technology

It’s essential to look critically into the environment where a LED display screen will be installed when choosing a technology for your worship center.


For example, in a worship auditorium where there are windows that allow an increased light intensity, the projection in such a condition will not be clear enough. Again, some LED displays may be heavy and so the structural aspect needs to be accounted for as well if you want to juxtapose LED display with projection.


Another aspect of consideration is the architectural design, a front projector becomes the ideal step to take when there is not enough space for rear projection i.e. the projector is either up over the audience or it is at the back of the worship auditorium.


3.  The distance to the front row

The distance of the display from the first row is an important factor to decide what pitch is suitable or apt for the display. An ideal view distance should be a minimum of 3 meters for a 3mm display screen.


At this distance, you will still be able to see for a 3mm pixel pitch rated display screen but as the distance increases, the display begins to disappear.


4. Financial Strength i.e. budget

The cost of acquiring a LED display for church use tends to increase with a decrease in the pixel pitch of the screen. This is a very important factor that hinged on the budget of the church. There is always a point where the cost of any technological device gets exponentially more costly.


Some compare the cost of the projector to a LED and concludes that they cannot afford a LED screen but the conditions in the place where it is to be installed are of great concern.

Again, the cost of a highly bright projector to project on a large screen in a highly bright worship auditorium can be quite expensive. So the choices are tied up with many factors.

 church LED display

5.  Product quality

The product quality of the LED is a factor you should not compromise with. A whole lot of money can be saved when you go for quality regardless of the initial cost.


A LED display screen will require servicing at some point in its use and this is where acquiring an inferior quality LED product becomes an issue. A high-quality LED display will last longer than a low-quality one.


In Need of a high-quality Church LED display

The church LED screen is an awesomely unique device that brings into worship liveliness and incredible beauty when they are installed.


However, to choose the best-LED display that perfectly well, you need to partner with a trusted and reliable church LED display manufacturer.


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