How to Choose The Right Transparent LED Display?

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With increasing need of environmental protection and global energy conservation, more and more manufacturers are introducing energy efficient LED displays with the surety of not making any compromise on the performance of the LEDs.


What makes transparent LEDs different from the rest is their multi-faceted technological innovation that isn't a technical improvement rather, it is a trend that is taking on the world like a storm. Their advanced technical support guarantees energy saving, product quality and environmental protection.


But, the thing that always makes potential buyers confused about their selection is the availability and surety of getting the required set of features. They aren't sure about how to come up with the best transparent LED screen, no matter how many options they come across. So, to solve this confusion, here are a few important tips that can help to get into a win-win situation in finding the ideal transparent LED.


· Noise reduction technology

Transparent LED display devices are provided with screen driver chips that employ high quality chip systems to produce incredible contrast on the screens. With the aim to provide full-color LED display, manufacturers have invented a constact current noise reduction technology whose job is to prevent the screen from the effects of different noise sources so that there would not be any sort of hindrance or disturbance in generating images.


· Brightness adjustment technology

The next important aspect to consider for buying a transparent LED screen is brightness technology. Since the device is expected to work in different climates to generate the best display effects, manufacturers used to add 256-level adjustment technology so that there will be uninterrupted outcomes in all types of environments.


· Heat removal system

Since the heat generated from LED display screen is a bit high, it is necessary to have a heat removal system so that the rest of the parts can remain safe from the effects. Buyers should always search for an appropriate heat dissipation system along with the surety of having aluminum because it also helps to reduce heat with its conduction effects. So, this feature should never be overlooked at any cost.


· Protection technology

The presence of environmentally friendly materials is also important. Make sure that they are not attached with glue whereas, the screen module is equipped with UV-resistant and dust-proof elements.


What Vision Pro Sells

Transparent LED Display

· Transparent LED Video Wall Display -TZ Series

TZ series is an adhesive LED Display that can be installed on both new and existing transparent surfaces, or hung as a decorative digital feature. This product is the perfect solution for breathing new life into glass facades, show rooms, exhibitions, shopping malls, museums, retail advertising, commercial spaces, indoor decoration and many more applications.

Transparent LED Video Wall Display -TZ Series

· Transparent Glass LED Display Video Wall -TC Series

TC series is with ultra-light designing, super high transparency and admirable performance, easily fit almost any indoor architectural structures, TC series transparent led video wall have been meticulously engineered to deliver exceptionally true colors with ultra-high contrast ratio and up to 5,500 nits of brightness, ensuring optimum image quality even in bright sunlight conditions. With up to 86% transparency almost invisible from 5 meters away, which makes it the ultimate choice for glass facade and window display applications.

Transparent Glass LED Display Video Wall -TC Series

· Outdoor Transparent LED Display- TO Series

TO series has the advantages of high transparency, high protection level, light weight, easy installation and maintenance, etc. Specially designed for outdoor using, and can be quickly assembled and disassembled to meet the needs of various application scenes.

Outdoor Transparent LED Display- TO Series

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