Is It Worthwhile to Invest in A Transparent Screen

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Since with so many features and capabilities, transparent LED display screens pride themselves for being a bit pricey as compared to other options available. They are ideal for commercial and advertisement purposes; but, if someone wants to take them in personal use, then here are the factors that would make this decision worthwhile.

transparent LED display

Complements the overall appearance

A transparent LED screen is either installed indoors or behind the curtain glass wall. It is not intended to affect the original structure or appearance of the building. Unlike conventional display screens, transparent display screens are not installed on the glass curtain wall directly. They respect the looks and structural integrity of the building, thereby taking up a separate place behind these curtain walls. The best part is that transparent LEDs do not compromise on the consistency of the building’s appearance followed by minimizing security risks.


No effects on the normal work

With original side-emitting technology, a transparent LED screen promises to offer no light leakage with high transparency. When the information is displayed on the outdoors, viewers can even see everything from inside without any sort of interference. In other words, there will be no disturbance in the normal work.


Reduction in light pollution

Conventional outdoor LED displays are known for their high brightness i.e. 6000 cd, that is the primary reason behind a lot of accidents and other mishaps. Not only does this brightness level pollutes the surroundings but also affects the night scape design. But with transparent LED displays, users can adjust brightness as per their requirements i.e. they can highlight everything during day time while make the lights softer at night.


Energy saving

Unlike conventional LEDs, transparent display screens are provided with transparent display effects that are responsible to play a significant role in saving some energy. The part, from where picture is not available, doesn’t emit heat, thereby bringing a visible reduction in power consumption i.e. around 30 percent.


Safe and convenient maintenance management

Normally, the maintenance of transparent LED displays is carried out with a lot of care. There are plug-in light bar designs, rear maintenance modes and support fronts that are quite easy to operate and detach at the time of maintenance.


With all these benefits and highlights, buyers are rest assured about making the best decision of investing in a transparent LED screen. There is much more to this investment, except for these. So, it’s better to try this type of display screen and see how worthwhile the decision is.

Safe and convenient maintenance management

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