Transparent LED Display Screen: Features And Applications

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Traditional forms of advertising have become increasingly incapable of meeting the demands and values of existing users.


The introduction of a transparent LED display screen serves as an upgrade as it breaks the limitation of traditional LED display screen on glass walls.


Although the traditional LED display screen is being used on the exterior walls of a building, the weight could affect the safety and appearance of the building.


The transparent LED display screen has an unmatched display effect due to the transparent display background which can make the advertising picture feel suspended in the glass wall.


It has a pleasant artistic and advertising effect and does not affect the appearance and safety of the building.


So, whenever you need a highly versatile advertisement medium for your products, ensure to contact a reputable transparent LED display screen supplier for the best deals.

 transparent LED display screen

Advantages of Transparent LED Display Screen

There are many benefits of a transparent LED display screen, they include:


1. Lightweight and small footprint

The thickness of the screen is 10mm thick. The LED transparent screen weighs 14kg/m2 and the required load on the glass curtain wall changes a little after installation.


It takes little space and does not affect other structures or facilities close to the glass curtain wall.


2. Convenient and fast maintenance

It is fast and saves manpower as well as material resources.


3. High transparency effect

The light transmittance of a transparent LED display screen is between 50-90%.


The perspective effect ensures the glass retains its lighting perspective function and the LED lamp can be hardly seen from a distance. This doesn’t affect the lighting of the glass curtain wall.


4. A simple steel frame structure

It does not require a complex supporting steel structure. It is light in weight and easy to install.


5. Cost savings

A transparent LED display screen help save transportation costs as well as a lot of installation costs. It also doesn’t change the appearance of the building.


6. Environmental protection and energy saving

The normal power consumption is less than 280W/m2 and doesn't require any form of cooling system.


7. Simple operation and strong controllability

A transparent LED display screen can be connected to a computer, remote, graphics card, etc.


The display content can be changed anytime through a remote cluster wireless control.


8. Saving the building lighting cost

After installation, the LED screen looks attractive and it saves a large portion of the exterior wall lighting unit.


9. Permeability

Permeability is as high as 85% or above and the structure is remarkably simple.


Application Areas of Transparent LED Display Screen

· Building Curtain Wall

· Glass Windows for Banks, Real Estate, Shops, etc.

· Space Design

· Subway Exit

· Stage Dance Beauty

· Science and Technology Museum

· Construction Media

· Lighting Project

· City landmark high-rise

· Interior Decoration

· Exhibition

· Large shopping malls and chain stores


Final Thoughts

The transparent LED display screen does not only renew the advantages of a typical outdoor LED display but also serves as the solution to the video display problem of the window.


LED transparent screens can be used in diverse areas such as shopping malls, glass curtain walls, auto 4S shops, etc. They satisfy users as no other advertising media.


Looking for the best platform to advertise your products? Search no more, instead contact a reliable transparent LED display screen supplier and be assured of getting the best service.


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