Major Differences Between Indoor And Outdoor Fixed LED Display Screen

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The LED display is a modern tool for information communication. Notwithstanding, the differences between indoor and outdoor fixed LED displays are still not known by many people.


Frankly speaking, the basic thing to know is that one is for indoor use and the other is mainly for outdoor uses.


Specifically, the specialized type of indoor fixed LED display has a few to dozens square-meters area in general; which happens to be the common one, but there are higher screen areas with hundreds of squares meters.


For the outdoor screen, the brightness is taller, so it can function in the sunlight for a long period and it has function features such as lightning proof, waterproof, and windproof.


However, to get a high-quality fixed LED display that will stand the test of time and function properly is possible when you contact a reliable fixed LED display manufacturer.


Nevertheless, the differences between the indoor and outdoor fixed installation display can be considered from the following perspectives:


1. Different requirements for the application environment

The indoor fixed LED display that is used in a particular place does not necessarily need to have fire protection, waterproof, and some other requirement.


While the fixed outdoor LED display that promotes products in various locations due to the diversity of the environment may require waterproof and other protections.


Therefore, the outdoor display is a system that organizes the outcome of the challenges that have happened over some time due to environmental factors.


So, the outdoor LED displays are mostly employed for great outdoor marketplaces such as leisure square, government square, sports stadium display screen, commercial center, and other environments.

 Outdoor Led display

2. Different raw material cost

One of the differences between indoor and outdoor LED display is that some materials employed in the same parts for both will vary in price, reason been that the material size differs


Another difference between the indoor and outdoor LED displays is the display point spacing.


It is obvious that the sizes are different, therefore, a small point distance will require more bulbs which makes it more expensive. Also, the larger the screen the more the cost.


3. Different brightness requirements

Another difference between indoor and outdoor LED displays is that outdoor display requires a high brightness.


This is because they are exposed and displayed in the sun. Therefore, if the brightness is reflected or not properly handle, it will affect the quality.


The Pixel gives clarity to the display, therefore, higher pixel makes more information to be contained and it allows suitability for close viewing. The requirement for the high-density pixel in outdoor display is minimal.


The reason is that viewing observation is far, therefore, outdoor LED display has low-density pixel and distance observer indoor LED display.


Nevertheless, there are more differences between the fixed indoor and outdoor LED displays apart from the aforementioned.



The indoor and outdoor LED displays serve different purposes. Also, the place where they are positioned is different. Particularly, what set aside any indoor or outdoor LED display is the quality.


Therefore, to obtain a high-quality fixed LED display screen, you need to consult an experienced LED display manufacturer for the best products.


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