Trends in the outdoor Transparent LED display

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Digital Signage is becoming more and more present in our society. They have been used for a wide variety of applications such as digitization of posters, use of interactive screens to create impressive campaigns, etc. And this growth is accompanied by constant technological innovations that leave more than one of us speechless.

The idea of this blog is to review the trends and the latest technology in the outdoor transparent LED display screens as used in a wide range of applications.


The latest in LED technology for large-format screens are transparent screens. Here, we will start by looking at some types of solutions that vision LEDPro has to achieve this striking effect.


The concept of a transparent screen is linked to a main objective: to create 'empty' spaces between the LEDs that allow the user to see what is behind the screen. Therefore, the higher the Pixel Pitch (distance between LEDs), the greater the degree of transparency; but screen resolution will also be lost, so you have to find a balance between transparency and resolution to get the most out of the screen. For large format screens we have 3 types of products that offer a certain degree of transparency: the LED Curtain, the LED Mesh and the Transparent LED Module.


The outdoor Transparent LED display is based on the use of LED strips that form the curtain. This can be attributed to the separation between the panels which allows the passage of light and provides greater visibility. This is the most widely used basic option due to its simplicity and robustness, while achieving spectacular effects. You can see this in the screen supplied and installed by vision LEDPro in a wide range of places, from Asia to other continents of the world.

 outdoor Transparent LED display

On the other hand, the LED Mesh has the peculiarity that by having its LEDs connected only by the connection cables, its transparency is greater, and at the same time it gives it a certain degree of flexibility that allows the mesh to adapt to curved surfaces. Therefore, it must be taken into account that it is a delicate solution. This means that its handling and installation should be taken with utmost care as it can become more complicated when the surface to be covered is very large.


Finally we have the Transparent LED Modules, a technology based on the use of acrylic and polycarbonate materials to create modules that have that degree of translucency. This solution is entering the Digital Signage market with force because of its striking effect.


We have reviewed the latest technologies to install transparent LED screens, all of them available in our company and ready to make an impact on people. All you need to get the most experience is the most suitable location for installation. We are the vision LEDPro are here to provide you with the best you can get from an outdoor transparent LED display screen for your application.

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