Why You Need to Switch to LED Video Wall

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You need to consider an LED video wall for church and other activities.  Why?  You may ask.

The reason is that LED walls are gaining momentum as one of the wide-format video screens in many churches as well as large auditoriums.

Perhaps you may be wondering, here are some of the reasons you need to consider for choosing LED video wall for church.

1. Price

When you have a large auditorium where you need to project what is happening on the altar or the choir ministration, how many projectors or television sets would you install? Moreover, how bright, sharp and clear will the video displays on the projector screen satisfactorily meet the desire of your audience?

You will agree with me that four or more projectors with high-grade projector screens supported by a countless number of television sets will be required if you were to position the projectors at each corner of your church assuming your building is square.

Then, what if not? Your guess is as good as mine! Many projectors with their screen supported by several televisions would be your answer. So, how much will it cost? Then compare it with an LED video wall. Check out the price here.

2. Performance

A wide-format screen with a high image or video resolution, sharpness, brightness as well as color blends, and a screen with a limited orientation cannot give the same quality performance when compared.

Often than not, projector screens are limited and possess so many mechanical errors. For example, a projector screen could be stained, dirty, torn, and even expire.

What about the projector? It can be blown off, it can experience an electric surge, and it can generate heat. All these put together affect the performance of a projector.

However, LED video wall does not experience mechanical errors instead LED video walls uses less power supply, and heat generation is minimal.

LED video wall

3. Best technology

Just as it is in the church nowadays, where technology has been deployed as in sound, for example. So also, LED video walls should be embraced by all sundry, especially in the area of information management.

A beautiful backdrop, sharp and succinct videos beautifully incorporated into the display system as well as magnified pictures or images is possible when you make use of the best technology.

And that is possible only when you use LED video wall which is characterized has been the best technology so far. 

4. Paradigm shift

A house is a place of abode, comfort, relaxation, habitation, etc. and it should be welcoming.

So, the church is not just a spiritual place where people gather only to pray but also a welcoming place where people should have feelings of being at home.

Therefore, it is very pertinent for all church administrators to install LED video walls in their auditorium to give it a well deserve paradigm shift.

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The time is ripe now for you to embrace LED video walls for your auditorium. To get the best wall click here now. You’ll be glad you did so.


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